members of grover


a brief history

1993: Grover play first gig at Smackers, Cannock. First demo released, The Conch Shell & The Twig - 9 track casette. Velvet Morning III recorded for inclusion on charity CD for Parkinson's disease. Simon Fox directs video for Hamfist - screened at film festivals around the UK.
1994: Log, Grover's second demo released - 4 track cassette. Grover begin to gig throughout the UK. Wolverhampton Underground Festival - Grover commissioned to play Velvet Underground set amongst major Pop Art works at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, with Gordon Wallace on keyboards.

1995: Grover release third demo, Boner - 3 track cassette. Limited edition Groverbeer produced at Ivy Bush Brewery, Birmingham. The Grover website goes online for the first time, making Grover the first independent band in the Midlands to have a dedicated internet site.
1997: Tracks for Husk, Grover's debut CD are recorded at Coach House Studios, Willenhall, produced by Steve Hough (Godflesh, Cable Regime).
1998: Husk enhanced-CD released featuring 8 of the songs recorded in 1997. Also featured on the CD is a unique multimedia package created by Simon Fox and Mark Lynall. The CD-Rom includes the video for Hamfist, several midi piano pieces inspired by Grover tracks, and a collaboration with award winning author, Steve Garner; an interactive story, The Garden of Death. Music and Elsewhere release cassette version of Husk.
1999: Grover tracks included on several compilations, BURBS CD1 - British Underground Rock Bands, Underground in a Big Town - Blag Fanzine, Freedom to Innovate Volume 1 - Freedom to Innovate Productions. Grover's debut single, …Like a Bunny - 2 tracks, 7", released on Bearos Records. Grover play the main stage at Birmingham's Arts Fest '99. Grover appear as guests on the Daz Hale Evening Show on BBC Radio WM.
2000: 414.7 Revolutions - 4 tracks, 7" e.p. released on Bearos Records. Freedom to Innovate Volume 2 released, featuring another exclusive Grover track, Ma, I Failed. 414.7 Revolutions gets single of the month in Record Collector magazine. Grover go out for a balti and record shopping with BBC Radio1 legend John Peel. Grover again play the main stage at Arts Fest 2000. The Grover World Service, an internet radio station, goes online. The Garden of Death, a major interactive story by Steve Garner, is re-worked and placed on the Grover internet site. Simon Fox is Assistant Director on The Westerner, a short film for Carlton TV, written and directed by Grover collaborator, Mark Lynall. Grover joins the Diskant network. Steve Garner dies suddenly, aged 43, of a brain haemorrhage. The Westerner wins BBC Drama Award for best short film. Grover invited to record Peel Session for BBC Radio1 in early 2001.
2001: Grover's debut Peel Session for BBC Radio1 is broadcast on Valentine's Day. New works are recorded for various releases, again with regular producer, Steve Hough. Big Scary Monsters agree to release a split single between Grover and Jet Johnson (featuring members of Billy Mahonie) in July and then, after much fucking about, doesn't. Another split, this time a triple 7" pack on Errol Records, is planned. This finally evolved into a double 10" called Errol's Brood released in 2002. Grover are included on the Awkward Records (the chaps behind Tokyo Lucky Hole, to you) sampler that was doing the rounds during BBC Radio1's One Live in Birmingham event. Grover played the Bearos Sunday Social at the Medicine Bar. Radio1 DJ, Steve Lamacq was spotted in the audience. He bought Grover a round of drinks a couple of days later at the Radio1 hotel. This resulted in Lamacq continually name-dropping Bearos for the rest of the week at the accompanying seminars and on his show.
2002: Andy Hall leaves the band and is replaced by Steve Hough on bass (previous bands, Godflesh, Cable Regime, Torque). Grover appear on a double 7" compilation on Jonson Family Records, The Two Minutemen, which gets played loads on Radio1 and Xfm. The new self-titled Grover e.p. (TR02), a 3"CD containing four brand new tracks, is released on Hong Kong's TeleRAN Records. The Errol's Brood compilation is released on Errol Records. Various tracks recorded during the year form the basis of a new album, Tiny Blue Sparks, which is planned for release on Canadian label, Where Are My Records. After several delays, the plans are dropped and the album is taken up by Bearos Records, who arrange its release for early 2003. Five of the bands appearing on Jonson Family's Two Minutmen compilation perform ten-minute sessions which are broadcast live on the John Peel Show on BBC Radio1. Simon Fox and Steve Hough begin working on another project, Krafla, which is more studio-based and experimental. A "white label" version of the second album, sent as a promo to John Peel, appears in his "record box" of recommended releases that month. He also begins playing tracks from it, before the release date.
2003: Grover's second album, Tiny Blue Sparks is released on Bearos Records in March, with an official launch gig on April 11th. Two Minutemen Two released on Jonson Family Records. Simon Fox and Steve Hough found the Experimental Music Collective, a new group dedicated to promoting and performing experimental and innovative music. They secure funding to put together a large scale sound & vision piece, including members of Baxxter, PCM and artists from Tokyo Lucky Hole and X>Y. Grover kick off a short tour to promote Tiny Blue Sparks with a gig at Oxford University Union, to launch The Lip Magazine. The tour continues on to various venues around the UK. In May, Experimental Music Collective makes its debut performance, Calling Every Angel, at the Fierce! Festival. Jonson Family Records troop down to the BBC to record a second Peel Session, again featuring five bands from the compilation. Grover play Brighton to coincide with BBC Radio 1's One Live in Brighton week. Bearos Records celebrates its 5th birthday with a special compilation, featuring exclusive tracks from bands on the roster. The CD, featuring Grover, is given away free to all mailing list members. Jonson Family put the two Two Minutemen releases together, with extra tracks, on one CD. Steve Hough remixes KlusterB for a special Bearos release. Andy Parker, from Sally and Katastrophy Wife joins Grover for a one-off gig to celebrate the Bearos Hallowe'en Special. Under the banner GRRRRRover!, the band plays extra loud and chucks in a version of Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf. Simon Fox and Clair Horton perform for the first time at the Bearos Xmas Special. Si Rider and Steve Hough join Andy Parker to form the krautrock influenced Einstellung.