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(a.k.a. World Of Fox, SH Fox, Lonesome Fox)

Simon Fox is an acoustic meddler, with work ranging from traditional folk songs to more challenging sonic experiments. As well as a large body of solo work under various vulpine monikers, Simon is a prolific collaborator, working with diverse groups across a wide variety of genres. His current projects are testament to his wilfully varied musical activity, including drums/trombone/drums noise trio Kendo Nagasaki; free-jazz/electronic collective Some Some Unicorn; and C&W band Independent Country! Previous projects include post-rock pioneers Grover, electronica duo Krafla, film soundtracks, long-standing collaborations with singer-songwriter James Summerfield, and a pop single with Amelia Fletcher from Talulah Gosh.

Simon’s work is released on a host of independent record labels, including Static Caravan, Where It’s At Is Where You Are, Die Das Der, Polytechnic Youth, Clutter Music, Commercially Inviable, Teleran and Bearos, amongst others.

The debut Fox release, The First Rule of Comedy by Lonesome Fox was released in December 2007 on Bearos records. A host of Fox singles and exclusive compilation tracks are available on Where It’s At Is Where You Are records , and the debut solo album, Everything Is For The Best, by World of Fox is on Commercially Inviable records.


A soundtrack to Marc Silver's film, There Are No Others, There Is Only Us was premiered at the Supersonic festival 2009.


In 2010, World of Fox released one free cover of an '80s song each month as part of the Respect project and the whole thing was released on where it's at is Where It’s At Is Where You Are at midnight on new year's eve 2011.


Simon's third solo album, Borrowed Times, was released in 2013, again on Commercially Inviable records.


During 2014, Simon played live with violist Sara Fowles, adding an extra dimension and emotional depth to Simon's acoustic guitar & loops. 2015 saw Fox & Fowles collaborate with indie royalty Amelia Fletcher on a 7" single for Where It’s At Is Where You Are and Simon and Amelia caught up at Indietracks 2015 for an impromptu acoustic set! Simon also composed a set of original pieces for the Nine Realms collaborative art project.


In 2017, Simon recorded Forward, a stripped-down acoustic album with Sara, under the name Fox & Fowles. He then used the original recordings from this to create a mind-bending 77-minute piece, Further, for 7 at 77 on Where It’s At Is Where You Are.


2018 saw the release of Realms by SH Fox on the legendary Static Caravan label; a suite of instrumental pieces inspired by the nine realms of Norse mythology.

In 2018, Simon composed an alternative soundtrack for Tom Lee Rutter's silent feature, Bella In The Wych Elm, and composed the soundtrack and incidentals for Pure Gold Films' short drama, Log, in 2019.


The latest SH Fox release is Traces, released September 2020.

Where It's At Is Where You Are celebrated its 25th anniversary with a series of special edition releases in 2022. A limited 7" single by World Of Fox paired the previously-released cover of The Sea Urchins' Pristine Christine with a new recording of Sullen Eyes, the b-side to The Sea Urchins original single.

A selection of FOX releases are linked below:

WORLD OF FOX - Sullen Eyes / Pristine Christine

2022 single

SH FOX - Traces

2020 album

SH FOX - Realms

2018 album

WORLD OF FOX - Further

2017 77-minute piece from Seven at 77

FOX - The Slowdown

2015 single


2015 single


2015 compilation album of Bond themes

WORLD OF FOX - Borrowed Times

2013 album

WORLD OF FOX - Live At The Union Chapel 24/11/12

2012 live recording

FOX - Flowers

2012 single (online version released as part of The Hangover Lounge ep)

WORLD OF FOX - Plleeeaaassseee Taaakkkeee Yooouuurrr Tiiimmmeee

2012 single

WORLD OF FOX - Respect

2011 album


2010 single

WORLD OF FOX/VARIOUS - Christmastime, Approximately

2010 compilation album

WORLD OF FOX - Everything Is For The Best

2009 album

FOX - Fruit

2009 single (not currently available online)

LONESOME FOX - The First Rule Of Comedy

2007 single

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