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Two drummers, one trombone and a fuckload of shit.

“Fantastic stuff” - Stuart Maconie BBC 6 Music

“Pleasurable to my ears” - Gideon Coe, BBC 6 Music

“I've got to be honest, at first I didn't get it. On the second time, I absolutely loved it.” - BBC Introducing

Declared by Bandcamp's chief writer Joe Muggs as his new favourite band, based on a single live rehearsal recording, Kendo Nagasaki take trace elements of krautrock, free jazz and tribal minimalism and blast them through a Marshall stack turned up to 11.


The live experience is everything: Always live, no studio trickery, just in the-moment, as-it-happens slabs of Grade A skronk. If the Butthole Surfers had a brass section...


The Mask Off! Mask Off! EP released 01/10/2018, served as Kendo Nagasaki’s mission statement. Recorded live at Muthers Studio, Birmingham. Single take. No overdubs. No less than you deserve.


This was closely followed by inclusion on the Polytechnic Youth label’s vinyl comp Popcorn Lung LP and then a split 7” with Frauds on the Die Das Der label.


2019 saw Kendo Nagasaki getting into the ring with Bruxa Maria, Irma Vep, MoE, The Unit Ama, Rainbow Grave, Frauds, Table Scraps and plenty more – each time dealing a knockout blow.

A single, Capslock Commando, was released in 2020.



Mr Darleydale - Trombone

Mr Measham - Drums

Mr Droitwich - Drums

Grapple with Kendo Nagasaki here.

Live 01.09.22
2022 live album

Capslock Commando

2020 single

Darleydale, Measham & Droitwich

2019 split 7" single with FRAUDS

Mask Off! Mask Off! ep

2018 single

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