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Independent Country is a 6-piece band. They play country & western versions of indie classics. As 'The Swede', Simon does guitar, banjo, mandolin and backing vocals. Independent Country have released two albums to date, Trailerparklife and The True Adventures of Independent Country and singles, Wake Up Boo!, The Further Adventures of Independent Country and The Brassneck e.p. The third album, American Portions, was released in 2021, with covers of US indie and alternative classics, followed by the ep Side Orders.

Live Near Winson Green

2022 live album

American Portions: Side Orders

2021 ep

American Portions

2021 album

The Brassneck ep

2019 single

The Further Adventures Of...

2018 single

The True Adventures Of...

2018 album

Wake Up Boo!

2018 single


2016 album

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