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Simon was formerly leader of Birmingham’s influential post-rock pioneers, Grover. Between 1993-2003, Grover released a host of albums, singles and split releases on independent labels around the world.


Broadcasts on BBC Radio1 (including a Peel session in 2001), plus airtime on a variety of independent stations in Europe and the USA, helped grover build a dedicated international fan-base and influence the UK post-rock scene. 

Members of Grover continued to work together on a variety of projects, including Einstellung, Kendo Nagasaki, Lash Frenzy,  Krafla, Rumble Arch and World Of Fox.

Tiny Blue Sparks

2003 album


2002 3" CD ep


2001 John Peel Session - BBC Radio1

414.7 Revolutions

2000 7" ep

Like A Bunny

1999 7" single

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