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Stay on the A5!

Go West on the A5 and stay on it past Llangollen

Follow A5 through Llangollen, and carry on through Corwen.


Your sat nav might tell you to leave the A5 while you're still in Shropshire. Don't do it! Although technically shorter, it's winding back roads all the way. Beautiful, no doubt, but way slower. (And depending on your head for heights, potentially terrifying...)

Turn left onto A494 to Bala

Left at traffic lights, after Rhug Farm Shop & Deli

After Corwen, you'll cross the River Dee, then see Rhug Farm Estate on the left. Look for the Buffalo on stilts!

About a quarter mile after Rhug, turn left at the traffic lights, signposted 'A494 Bala'.

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Turn left to Llandderfel at crossroads

Take 2nd sign to Llandderfel

After about 5 miles, at Bethel, there's a left turn to Llandderfel. It's best not to take this one, as it's 2 miles of mostly single track road.

Instead, keep on 2 more miles, past Sarnau and take the next left.

You'll see a 'School (Ysgol)' sign and a crossroads sign, then take the left at the offset crossroads, signposted 'Llandderfel 11/2'.

Carry on for 1 mile

This is our lane.

It's mostly single track with passing places, so take it easy!

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Go past the school

Ffridd Y Llyn Primary School is on your right.

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Go past the lake

You'll pass a small fishing lake on your right.

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Go through the farm

After the lane turns sharp left, Ty Newydd Farm is on either side of the lane.

You're here!

Turn right onto our drive

After Ty Newydd Farm, at the next right hand bend, the entrance to our drive is on the right. Look for the 'Cae Wlff' sign.

Follow the drive to the end and through the gate to park. Please close the gate to keep the dogs in!


Arriving from Llandderfel village

Alternative approach

If you're arriving from the village side (for example if you took the left turn at Bethel, or if you're coming from the South) our lane meets the main through road at a T-junction at the north end of the village, just by the 'Llandderfel' sign.

The lane is signposted 'Cefnddwysarn 13/4'. Pass the newer houses of Cae'r Dderwen on your left and after about 400 yds, you'll see our drive on the left, as the lane bends. Look for the 'Cae Wlff' sign.

Cae Wlff


Y Bala


LL 23 7HG